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For every Christmas she could remember, she'd always seen snow at some point or another during the month or mostly on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, this didn't look like one of those years.

This year they just HAD to have "Oregon Weather" (as her friend Lizzy had put it), and have it rain for most of the month.

So there she was, sitting at one of the windows in her school's fine arts center with her friend, Tino, watching the cars go by and hoping for some snow to fall. She sighed, knowing that there was little to no chance there was going to be any.

She sighed and turned to him. "My first Christmas here and there isn't even any snow."

He smiled, "I'm sure it'll snow before Christmas, it seems cold enough."

"It's been cold enough for a while." She said. "It's been raining all month long, and Felicia said that they've already got snow back at my old town. They even had a day off from school because of it." She frowned.

"Trust me, it'll snow…Maybe you should ask Santa to make it snow for Christmas." he said.

She laughed. "Yeah, that's definitely something I want…to bad I can't tell Santa though." she said, with a sad smile.

"Oh, you'd be surprised." said Tino, quietly.

"Did you say something?"


"Okay then…oh yeah. Speaking of Santa, how do you think North would make it snow if someone wanted it to snow for Christmas?"

"He'd probably get Jack Frost to freeze all the water that's here right now and we'd end up with slick roads and a whole lot of ice…it would still be cold, but at least it'll look better than puddles of water and mud."

"To be honest, that sounds like something you would do in his position." She said, smiling.

They laughed, made more references to Rise of the Guardians, and she eventually left  when her mother came to pick her up.

Tino looked on after her as she left, feeling glad that he was able to make her smile after she was so down about the "no snow" situation".

Though she didn't tell most people since it probably sounded childish, snow was a huge part of winter for her. To her, snow meant forts and slush ball fights over the large piles of snow left when the snow plough came and shoveled it out of the road. Snow meant sledding down huge hills, falling off the sled half way down, wiping out at the bottom, and going back to the top to do it again until you got tired. Snow helped her remember the memories that she clung to from her old life and friends before she had moved to this new city, and met him.

Tino knew it meant all of that to her, so he was glad he was able to make her feel better.

But he felt that he wanted to do more.

He wanted to give her more than good laugh from a few references to a movie they'd seen. He wanted to give her the snow she'd wanted to see

And he knew just how he wanted to do it.

"It's a few days early for a present, but I guess I can give this one a bit early…"


The next morning, Tino woke to the buzzing of his cell phone.

When he checked to see who was texting him, he saw that it was her.

Reading her text, he saw it said,
"Chibi-San : Dude, you have no idea as to how happy I am right now. IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT! \(^ O ^)/ "

He smiled. "Guess Santa did hear what you wanted for Christmas."
My entry in :icontealhikari:'s Contest ->


This is dedicated to and inspired by a close friend of mine. Though he'll probably never see this, I'll say it...I love you. You really helped to make me feel better when I was down about moving, and you're there while I wait for my mom to pick me up so that I won't be completely're an awesome person and I wish you could see that sometimes.


How was Tino able to make it snow?...with *:iconimaginationplz:* MAGIC.

When I was little, I thought that whenever it snowed, it was like a little early Christmas present from Santa since, well, I love snow!

Yes, I mentioned Rise of the Guardians. I love that movie. It makes me want to be a kid again. ; _ ;

Hope you all enjoyed reading this!
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; 7 ; oh god mii-san that's so sweet.
Really, really sweet.
And I feel like I understand everything right now.
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I'm glad you like it. :)

Understand what?
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